Picking the Right Photographer

What to consider to pick the Right Photographer in Calgary

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  • Things to consider when deciding on your Photographer
    Finding the right photographer can be a tricky business when there are as many to choose from as there are here. We would like to provide you with a few helpful hints to help you with your search. Here are some of the most frequent questions and ones you too should consider asking.
  • Do they provide a Consultation?
    You should want to meet your photographer but they should also want to meet you. They should want to get to know you so they can accurately capture photos that reflect you and your style. Allowing you to simply book off the internet and meet purely for a deposit or the shoot tells you that they are not concerned with details, and as you know, it’s all about details. We ask for examples, make suggestions on outfits, provide props and will guide you through the session.  Each shoot is a unique event for us as it should be for you.  
  • Do I get to keep My Images?
    “Do I get a digital copy of all my pictures?”  The short answer is yes, because we provide a shareable gallery of all of the photos, you have the ability to download any or all of the images you want. The longer answer is that the images available for download are sized for electronic distribution. They look good on a screen but because of the differences between printed copies and screen copies, they probably will not look as good if you try and print them. We retain the full size original image (commonly called a raw file). For us every picture is important, they simply must be captured as a raw file. These are pictures you plan to frame and admire for the rest of your life, and you deserve to expect the best quality possible. Unfortunately, these are huge and cannot be displayed on a computer screen unless you have special programs.  We will provide a low res copy of all of your images (downloadable from the website) as well as keeping the raw files to generate those photos for your Photobook and Prints.    Really want the full size files? We understand and can provide those as part of the Package.
  • When do I get my prints?
    We provide the gallery viewable photos within a week. You select from those photos, we do a retouch, and create test prints. Typically the Photolab we use takes 3-4 days to process the images. So while total time is dependent on a number of factors, you can expect Prints within two weeks. Custom Photos and Photobooks take a little longer.    
  • What if I can’t afford the prints now?
    This is why it is important to hire a professional photographer. Even if your budget is low, even if you can’t afford to order prints right away, you know that at least the images are captured, and can be ordered at a later time. Having an amateur photographers can have devastating results if images are lost or destroyed. Professionals that have tried and true backup strategies minimize those risks. Each image is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you deserve to remember it with beautiful, quality photographs.
  •  What services are included in processing the prints?
    Are you just getting someone to hold the camera or will your photographer provide the services that make your images special?  We provide Retouching, Photobooks, Spectacular Locations, Lighting, Props and the cultural understanding to capture the important parts of your photos.  We strive to provide the personal touch that makes you feel as special as you are.  
  • What style of Photography does your photographer do?
    Look at the photographer’s style of work. Look at the pictures on their website and in their studio, and make sure they have the ability to do a variety of work. You should see formals, candid's, and photo journalistic representations. And of course, you too have style and you want to ensure the photographers style matches your own.  We always do a consult. This allows both parties to become familiar with the needs and desires of the other in a relatively low risk situation.   We offer a money back guarantee if we cant satisfy your needs.  
  • It there a Plan B?
    Things happen, weather goes bad, people get sick.  Your photographer should also offer some kind of weather/backup insurance, providing you with a safe haven for pictures to be taken in case the weather doesn't cooperate or your desired location doesn't pan out.  We have a number of locations that are not weather dependent, as well as a studio.  We also are willing to do a second shoot on another day for those times when things cannot be resolved.
  • What else will the Photographer do for me?
    In wrapping up your check list, one last thing to consider is the photographer’s range of work. A quality photographer will want to establish a lifetime relationship with you, capturing your unique images from your wedding through to the birth of your children, and the rest of your life’s monumental moments. A photographer who only does weddings might be in it just for the money, not concerned with ever seeing you again.  

  • How do I know if I am safe and secure?
    Safety and security should always be a consideration, you don't to put your self at risk.  There are  things to check to ensure your safety.
    First does the photographer have a PIC (Police Information Check)  It proves no criminal history.  Second, will the photographer allow an escort? Finally references,  will past clients vouch for them?  All of these should be questions asked as part of the consult meeting.