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Welcome to Bearbytes

Fine Art and

Boudoir Photography

A Premier Fine Art Photographer in Calgary 

Welcome to Bearbytes

Fine Art and

Boudoir Photography

A Premier Fine Art Photographer in Calgary 

Boudoir and Fine Art

Our Boudoir and Fine Art Photo experiences have often been described as magical. Our Clients are constantly amazed at our images because our focus is on the experience and not just on just taking photos.   

We will guide you through the whole process from choosing a style, suggestions for outfits, help with posing and of course making you feel comfortable and secure before during and after the shoot.

Pick from a variety of packages from our Skinny Dip,  A Touch of Spice or for the adventurous, the Wild and Free Outdoor Shoot.  

We  have recently added a Bridal Boudoir gift package that will help him treasure that special day.   Need more or different, we do custom shoots just drop us a note and we can set up a free consult so we can give you exactly what you desire.

Choose your Style


Classical Boudoir

 Classical Boudoir can be described as the wrapping of a very pretty present. What to use for the wrapping is up to you.  Basically, it is what are you comfortable wearing? A sexy robe, lingerie, boy shorts, thongs, corsets, fancy bras, stockings, heels, boots or maybe even your guy’s favorite team tee. It’s all about you and your personality so during the free consultation we will talk about the options and let you decide what works best for you.    


Fine Art

 There are many definitions of Fine Art photography but the one I use is "a high-quality photographic images created to fulfill the vision of an individual professional." In my shop, that means capturing the beauty within in a classic manner.  Clothing is optional, modesty is preserved with the use of light and shadow, translucent wraps and artful posing. 


Bridal Boudoir

 Bridal Boudoir is a special gift from Bride to Spouse usually given on the wedding day.  It incorporates items from the Bridal outfit arranged and posed to give the lucky spouse a sample of things to come as well as a memory book of the day.  Veils, lace and garters are all key elements in the images.  

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